Sundarban One-day trip

Visiting Sundarban in a day

Is it possible to tour the giant delta of Sundarban in a day?  The answer to this question is yes. You must reserve the boat yourself for a day trip to the Sundarbans. And this boat will only have the folks you invite as guests. This implies you must go on this day excursion yourself. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a short period of time and experience the natural beauty of rivers and forests, a day excursion to the Sundarbans is a must. In this one-day boat journey, you will experience the finest vacation amidst nature surrounded by mysterious wild animals. There’s also the chance to eat wonderful meals, go sightseeing, and make your vacation memories unforgettable. So, what’s the hold-up? Prepare your backpacks and leave. If you have more time, look at our two-day one-night packages or 3-days 2-night packages.

Animal watching during the one-day trip to Sundarban

For a one-day Sundarban tour, it is possible to visit the areas of the jungle where there is a chance to spot animals. The rest is up to chance.

Unravel Sundarbans' Mystique in One Unforgettable Day

Train from Sealdah station to Canning, to Sonakhali Launch Ghat by auto; then head to Gosaba Island by boat. Here we will get to see the bungalows of Hamilton Sahib and Rabindranath Tagore. From there, we will head to Crocodile Project, also known as Sojnekhali Watch Tower by boat, after that, we will see Gazikhali Forest, Sudhanya Forest, and Pirkhali Forest. Our one-day Sundarban tour ends here.

Is it easy to visit all of the Sundarban pathways in one day?

No, it is not. There are many routes in the Sundarbans that may be completed in three days: Dobanki Forest, Sajnekhali Forest and Sudhanya Khali Forest. All of these paths are in the inner Sundarbans jungle, where there is a potential of seeing wildlife; the rest is up to chance. And if you want to accomplish all of these routes in one day, you must begin your journey early in the morning.

Top-Notch Facilities for an Unforgettable Adventure


All meals are prepared to order. From Canning or Kolkata, a car will be given, as will a boat for the Sundarban forest trip, government authorization, and a government guide who will teach us about the Sundarbans.

Things that you should NOT do on a day trip to Sundarban

Sundarban is the world’s largest and only hub for salt-tolerant mangrove forests. The green landscape is surrounded by various wild birds and animals. Hence, there are strict rules that you should abide by before exploring the forest.

Keep silent and don’t play loud music

Don’t consume alcohol

Don’t carry plastic

What do we offer during your Sundarban one-day tour?

Sundarban Tiger Tours carve a sought-after plan to cover the major spots of the large delta if not all. And in this journey we will offer: 


The ideal and unforgettable tourism package


Travel advisors who are knowledgeable so that we don’t miss anything


Tourists must be properly secured. Don’t worry, we’re not going to take any chances. We guarantee your safety.