Sundarban Two nights / three days tour

Do you want to explore the mangrove forests on a perfect tour package? Well, then you should consider the two nights, three days Sundarban package that we are providing. This package gives a chance to the nature lovers to visit the animal sanctuary and the largest delta of the world. Sundarban is a an ideal combination of leisure, adventure and sightseeing. The cost of Sundarban two nights, three days tour includes all meals, accommodation, guide services and transportation. 

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Why choose the Sundarban two nights, three days tour?

The explanation is simple: this three-day tour provides you with the finest opportunity to appreciate the Sundarban, and this tour may be the best travel tale of your life since the Sundarban begin with rivers and jungles, as well as mystery monsters hiding in these forests. Because of the extended trip time, we can reach areas of the jungle where we may readily and carefully see the Sundarban’s wild creatures. When we return to the hotel for relaxation after the jungle trip, there are dances and music planned so that the clients may spend these three days cheerfully. The highlights of our three-day vacation include forest sightseeing,  village sightseeing, tribal dance, a boat excursion, and baul music.

Two nights three days tour facility

We will provide: 

Meals customized to your preferences

A car will be given from Canning or Kolkata

A boat for the Sundarban forest trip

Jhumur dance

Hotel rooms with AC or non-AC

Government permission and a government guide who will educate us about the Sundarban

Complete travel itinerary

Day 1

  • Reach Canning from Kolkata’s Sealdah Station
  • You will meet our tour manager in Canning, and from there you will be escorted by local transportation to Gadkhali boat ghat. (if you can travel by car, drive up to Gadkhakhali boat ghat).
  • The tour package starts with the boat ride. 
  • It will take two hours to reach Gosaba where you get to see Hamilton Bungalow and Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow.
  • You will also get to do some village exploration to learn about the local customs and beliefs. 
  • Before sunset, we will reach the hotel
  • Tourists will be served with even snacks followed by dinner. 

Day 2

  • After bed tea in the early morning, we will leave the hotel room. 
  • With the assistance of a government tour guide, we will obtain clearance from the forest department to enter the deep Sundarban forest
  • This trip will continue till the sun has set. During this tour, we will complete sightseeing at three watch towers: Do-banki, Sudhannyakhali and Sajhnekhali. We will also explore small river channels like Bonobibi Vharani, Gajikhali and Pirkhali. And through the forest, you will see monitor lizards, crocodiles, different species of birds and the Royal Bengal tiger, if you are lucky. 
  • We will try to cover the sunset from the river.
  • After that, we will head back to the hotel to have roasted chicken and fish over a campfire.
  • Then dinner will be served to you.

Day 3

  • This is the final day of our 2-night, 3-day Sundarban tour package. As a result, we’ll try to leave the hotel quickly. And, with the approval of the Forest Department, we shall return to the Sundarban. On our final day in the Sundarbans, we’ll go to Jharkhali and Pacchamukhani (the Five Rivers Junction) both of which are part of the Tiger Project.

Chances of seeing wild animals on the tour?

This 3-day tour offers the best opportunity of viewing wild creatures since we can go deep into the forest on this lengthy tour, where we can observe tigers, deer, wild boars, several types of fish, and birds. The rest is up to chance.

Terms & Conditions

  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed on the houseboat without the tour manager’s consent. 
  • Before the tour can begin, the tour manager must receive payment in full.
  • Boat and car selection in this tour may change.
  • No plastic products can be thrown in the forest and rivers. 
  • The package charges may vary during the holidays.